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Office Policies

Payment For Dental Services

One of our goals, as an office staff, is to make sure our patients are satisfied, not only with the dental services we provide, but also with how we collect their money. Let’s face it, a dental office is like any other business in that it must collect for services rendered or it will go out of business. But our office staff wants to make you comfortable and avoid the “awkwardness” that comes with paying at the front desk.

What are some of the reasons for this “awkwardness”?
  1. One reason is insurance. Patients assume that insurance is supposed to cover it, or at least most of it, so ‘why do I need to pay today?’, a patient may say.
  2. Another reason is a patient may feel “numb” or be tired after their treatment. This may make it tougher to communicate with the front office personnel.
  3. A third reason is that we live in a “Bill Me” generation. We say, “Can’t you just bill me later?”
  4. And perhaps another reason might be that a particular dental service is expensive requiring payment over a period of time.
Something we believe is important for you to understand is that dental offices operate differently than do medical offices with respect to payment of services. In most medical or physician’s offices, the front office staff asks you to pay your co-payment at the date of service. It’s usually stated on your insurance card what that payment is.

However, in dentistry a co-payment is often unknown. We may have to wait until the insurance pays. However, one thing this office will try to do, whenever feasible, is to know your co-payments ahead of time. We feel this is critically important to avoid what we call “insurance statement awkwardness.” That is when you receive your insurance statement saying what they will pay. We’ve all been there. It’s never what we thought. So, what do we do next? We pick up the phone and call the doctor’s office to alert them to their mistake.

Our hope is that you will feel confident in our staff to thoroughly inform you of all the payment options, bill your insurance correctly and efficiently, announce to you ahead of time what your co-payment will be (if any), and extend courtesy and compassion whenever possible so that you can receive the dental treatment that you need.

How is a co-payment calculated?

The first thing to understand about dental insurance companies is that they are in business to make money. It is also important to know that no insurance company is the same. They vary greatly with respect to how they operate. For example, some insurance companies will offer different packages. One plan may have a higher premium but allows the patient to choose his or her dentist. Another premium may be lower but requires the patient to go only to a participating provider. The latter plan may mean the dentist has to ‘write off’ part of the cost of the dental treatment.

Also dental insurance companies may pay only a certain percentage for a particular dental treatment. For example, an insurance company may say they pay 100% for an exam and cleaning. Yet the dentist may charge out $100 for treatment, the insurance pays $80, and you receive a bill for $20. And the patient doesn’t understand why he or she owes anything at all. The reason for the difference is that dental insurance companies pay out on what they call a UCR (a Usual and Customary Rate). This UCR is often lower than the actual fees the dental office charges. The UCR above may have been $50 for the cleaning and $30 for the exam, while the dentist’s fees were 60 and 40 respectively.

Other reasons patients may have a “co-payment” is that they have a deductible to meet, or the treatment went over the maximum allowable amount, or the insurance company simply won’t pay for a particular service.

Our office will do everything we can to help you, so that you don’t receive insurance statements or “bills” that you weren’t expecting.

What is our payment policy?

Please understand that our office will assist you with trying to maximize your insurance benefit as best we can. But we cannot always know exactly what your insurance carrier will do with respect to actual payment, especially for services that are not routine in the dental office.

We do expect the patient to pay the remaining balance if the insurance does not pay the full amount (unless stated otherwise, such a participating provider plan which may require the dentist to adjust the remaining portion).

Unless otherwise discussed, services less than $200 must be paid on the date of service (this does not include an existing balance). This can be done with check, credit card or cash.

If you have dental insurance and, therefore, owe a “co-payment,” our office staff will assist you in figuring out that amount. We do expect you to pay your ‘co-pay estimate’ in the office at the time of service.

If we are unable to figure out your co-payment, then we can send you an e-statement as soon as we know the amount you owe or if the insurance pays and you have a remaining balance.

For treatment that requires you to pay in excess of $200 (or co-payments that add up to greater than $200), you may ask about other payment arrangements.

Again, please ask us about payment plans. Our office staff wants you to receive the best dental care possible. But if the cost of dental care becomes the reason you choose not to receive the very best, then please let us help you overcome that obstacle.

Appointment/Cancellation Policy

We appoint our patients so that they receive optimal care. We try never to ‘double book’ so that our patients may receive the allotted time for their procedure.

However, because we schedule this way we want to minimize cancellations and broken appointments. We often find that these leave large ‘holes’ in our schedule in which Dr. Veal and the office staff are not actually providing care. It is our wish to always schedule patients so that they receive the proper amount of time to treat their dental needs. Yet by doing this, it often places some responsibility on the part of our patients to make all their appointments (and also be on time so that we do not run behind and make other patients wait)

This office does charge for broken appointments and cancellations. Please understand that we do not charge cancellation fees to recoup money from a missed appointment but rather as a reminder to our patients that making all their appointments or canceling appointments in advance, so as to be courteous to other patients, is critically important to our office.

Cancellation of appointments must be done within 48 hours to avoid a cancellation fee (if it’s a Monday appointment then must cancel by Thursday at 12:30pm.)