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We Love Children!

Please Bring Your Whole Family

Dr. Veal has 4 children and loves to see children in his office. We recommend parents sit in waiting room while we treat their child, but we do not make it mandatory.

Every six-year old will receive a panoramic x-ray. This is a must so that we can determine if all the permanent teeth are present and are developing as they should.

Recommended age for initial visit is 3 years-old. We do believe in seeing children every six months. Our office makes their visits fun and educational and they always get a gift from the treasure box.

These visits are VERY important. We want children to “WANT” to come to the dentist. That is why we ask parents to refrain from comments such as “Oh, I hate going to the dentist” or “I'd rather go to the dentist than do that.” Parents play a crucial role in partnering with us to make their children’s visits pleasant.

      We believe children will love coming to our office!